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Virtual Dermatology Consultation

Miller Dermatology is dedicated to providing exceptional patient care. That’s why Dr. Martin Miller has created the ability for patients to receive a virtual dermatology consultation. It’s easy, inexpensive and most importantly it provides patients with the ability to get answers to their dermatology questions fast! Let’s get started.

 1Take a photograph

Use your smartphone, computer or camera to snap a photograph of the dermatology problem or area of concern. Take your time and snap a clear photo with good lighting.

 1Save the photo to your computer

If you’re using a smartphone or camera, you’ll need to save that image to your computer. Depending on the device (IPhone, Android etc) you may need to email the photo to yourself.

 1Understanding pricing

Once you complete Step 4, your information will be sent directly to Dr. Miller. Dr. Miller will then evaluate your condition, provide a diagnosis and recommend treatment options. The price of the virtual consultation varies from $65 to $125 based on severity.

 1Complete the form

Fill out the form below with detailed information that can aid Dr. Miller in diagnosing your condition. How long has this issue been bothering you? Are you experiencing any pain or discomfort?

Select image to upload: